A recruitment company that recruits risk management professionals for major cities in the world.  Vennbridge believes that change is the only constant in the market.  One should always risk-manage situations proactively.


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Two critical differences between Vennbridge and other companies are that Vennbridge listens better and talks straighter. This ensures that our clients do not encounter the last-minute end-of-process problems that seem to be so characteristic of our competitors' approaches. It also guarantees that our candidates receive relevant opportunities rather than generic mail shots. At all times, Vennbridge emphasises a highly-personalised approach. We are a high-touch, bespoke, professional services provider. Our representatives have gravitas and credibility.


Building bridges. Globally.

"When it is obvious the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps."



Louis Altman's LinkedIn Page

Vennbridge was founded by Louis Altman. For information on Louis, please see the "Recommendations" section by clicking on the LinkedIn button at the top of this page. Louis is headquartered in London, England. He partners with a network of recruiters with whom he has worked at previous organisations. These headhunters specialise in vertical niches within their local markets. Whether you are based in Hong Kong or New York or the EU, Vennbridge may well be able to assist you in hiring or relocating. One thing you are guaranteed, you will always speak to a mature, specialised and experienced individual.​​